Monday, 24 September 2018

Taken to Hospital to check her mental health growth

We have a few concerns about her mental growth especially about her speaking and response. The Doctor checked her ears and response. She observed her activities for a while and informed she is absolutely alright however she said that she refer her to a paediatrician and recommend for hearing test. Selective hearing to rhymes and not responding parent's call, not able to speak simple words mama, dada etc. are to be checked by a child's development doctor, she said.

Saturday, 17 March 2018

Vaccines for Lakshmi - She was fallen ill after

I went to Macedonia for a week on 04th March 2018. I was unwell from the day I returned back and definitely I had some viral flu. I had some medicines on that night and recovered in a couple of days.

Lakshmi had her first set of vaccines in UK on 08th March 2018, on the same day I returned from Macedonia. The Nurse in Royston Health Centre reviewed the vaccines that were already given in India and see said that all essential vaccines up to the age of 1 are already given in India, which is a good news.

Lakshmi had Hep-B, Measles vaccine on that day. The Nurse said that she will be slightly ill in the following days. As suspected, Lakshmi was badly ill on the following days. Especially on Saturday (the next day), she had some fever and in the night she struggled to breath as her nose got blocked. I suspected it is probably due to the vaccines but I was also afraid that she probably got the viral fever from me, as I was unwell at that time.

We called the emergency health care phone as the GP is closed in the weekends. It was a nightmare getting hold of them and after we got connected, there was a huge list of questions posed before the medical adviser offered some help. Finally, all she said is to have Calpol (Paracetamol) more frequently (every 3 hours). I hate the NHS in the country as it is only suggestion I have received from GPs is to take Paracetmol! The worst situation was when I had Chicken Pox a few years ago, even at that time, they asked me to take just Paracetmol! I really doubt if these doctors are really well qualified.

Anyway, we regularly gave her Calpol from that day. Her temperature has come down slowly but the cough and cold didn't settled yet. I have taken her to GP again yesterday and the GP still insists to take Calpol but alternate dose of Neofreun. She reluctantly said that she can't prescribe more medicines and asked us to buy at the counter. I wondered how the health care is free in UK in such situation. The medicines are very expensive in the shops and it is stupidity to claim the healthcare is free here by this Government. 

Also, we are currently a little worried that Lakshmi is not paying attention to our signs and signals. She is getting engrossed to the cartoons on the Youtube. I think it is normal and it will take a couple of more weeks for her to get responsive but Sunitha seems more worried from yesterday. I feel that I should take her out more often and show the outside world. Hopefully, the weather gets better and becomes more shiny in the coming weeks.

Thursday, 8 February 2018

First Birthday

We celebrated Lakshmi's First Birthday on Thursday 08th February 2018 at our home in Royston. We haven't invited anybody for the celebration however we have decorated the room with balloons, birthday banners, etc and also arranged a birthday cake.

I have bought a small Porsche Car from Halfords last week which I have presented her as my birthday gift. We also have given her the birthday card with our best wishes.

It is one of most memorable days in my life. She is really a god's gift and my life is turning so beautiful with her arrival.

We haven't been anywhere on the birthday but on Friday, we went to Saffron Walden to see Audley End Building and Stansted Mountfitchet Fort. Both of them were closed for Winter season and we hardly can see them from outside only. Also, Lakshmi was sleeping in the car, the weather is also very cold. So, we decided to return back to home soon.

Sunday, 4 February 2018

Paradise Wild Life Park in Broxbourne

We Went to Paradise Wild Life Park on Sunday 04 February 2018. 

Lakshmi saw White Tiger, Indian Tiger, Leopard, Cheetah, some squirrels in the Zoo. We didn't spend much time as it is very cold for her. There are lot of other stuff to see in that zoo and we will plan to visit the zoo again sometime later in Summer.

Thursday, 1 February 2018

Lakshmi's First Birthday (as per Telugu Calendar)

We celebrated Lakshmi's first birthday as per Telugu Calendar on Thursday 01st February 2018. It is on Chaturdasha after the Bhisma Ekadasha every year. 

I bought a small strawberry cake and a greeting card for her. I have also bought a small toy (which looks like Minion) in Tesco's.

We haven't invited anybody and celebrated the birthday quite normally.

I called it as "Her Dad's Birthday" and we are going to celebrate her birthday again on 08th February 2018 as per English Calendar.

Friday, 19 January 2018

Walk in Royston High Street

Lakshmi is gradually acquainting with me especially when I am going out, she prefers to come with me. I have realized that she is getting bored in the house and therefore decided to take her out on Friday afternoon. I had a first-aid training to attend in Stevenage in the morning but I was free by afternoon. I returned back home at around 1PM and taken Lakshmi and Sunitha for a walk in the High Street. We went WH Smith and bought a small book that teaches alphabet, colours to kids. Then we went the charity shops in the high street and bought a dinosaur toy. We also explored another shop which I never went before. There is nothing for children there. 

We then went to Morrisons to buy some food stuff. Lakshmi is cold and therefore we decided to return back home. We walked through the park, went to the Library to see if there are children's books and finally returned home.

Monday, 15 January 2018

Still Getting Acquainted

The days are still a learning curve for me getting acquainted with Lakshmi. She is still more attached to her mother and never leave her. However, she spends some time with me now and then. She is interested to go out with me without her mother.

She started coming with me while going out of house. I took her out for a while and went to office.